Reef Dive

Playa del Carmen is nothing more than a coastal resort that develops along the Rivera Maya.

Exploring the reefs of Playa del Carmen to practice scuba diving gives us the opportunity to explore the second largest barrier reef in the world; Among the places to dive and interesting reefs that exist in Playa del Carmen, we recommend visiting the following: Chun-zumbul, Jardines, Sabalos, Barracuda, Moc-che, Mama Viña, Shark Point, Tortuga, Cerebros, Los Arcos and Pared Verde.

In addition to Playa del Carmen we have in front of the Island of Cozumel with its "Reefs of Cozumel National Park" which is considered as part of the barrier reef called "Great Western Atlantic Reef Belt".

A great biodiversity of marine flora and fauna. Some of the species that you will be able to observe are turtles (hawksbill, white or green, and the famous loggerhead), sea urchins, and the splendid frogfish (an endemic species of Cozumel).

Beh, we put aside the word, let's dive!

Our day

The day starts the day before... really!

The day before the dive we have to meet, I will sign some papers (which you have already filled out thousands of times); If you need equipment (we will check the sizes), if you already have it, we will prepare it the next morning.
If you don't have time or you're not sure about your team, I can send you the forms by mail and you just fill it out and send it back, it's that simple; the only thing is that if you have part of the equipment that doesn't work, leaks or is broken (I have spare parts and tools but I can't guarantee you a complete equipment in the jungle).

The day of the dive I pick you up between 7.45 and 8.10 a.m. according to the plan we agreed on (luckily some hotels do not allow us to pick up directly in the lobby).

In a few minutes we are already at the place where we embarked to go diving; We prepare the diving equipment, we make a dectagliato breafing of the dive site with objectives, limits and everything that a breafing must have made to measure.

Depending on the type of dive you chose (Playa del Carmen Reef or Cozumel Island), we plan a break during both dives in which we will enjoy fresh water if we are in Playa del Carmen, some fruit or a sandwich if we go in Cozumel, (I recommend you specify in your reservation if you have allergies or if you want vegan/vegetarian options).

At the end of the day, we go back to reality (that is, where we picked you up in the morning or halfway point if possible).

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