Cave Dive

In the Yucatan peninsula there are thousands of flooded caves, the entrance to this cave is called a Cenote; For the Maya it was the entrance to the underworld but for me it is the gateway to a dream that becomes clearer and clearer until it becomes a desire, yes, the desire to dive these flooded caves is stronger every day, it is like a magnet that draws you to it.
Training, fun, work, even my free time is spent there in the Cenotes; diving, camping, resting or chatting... there you never get tired of the tranquility that these environments manage to give you.
Beh, we put aside the word, let's dive!

Our day
The day starts the day before... really!

The day before the dive we have to meet each other, I will sign some papers (which you have already filled out thousands of times) we prepare and check the equipment (that's why I have a tank in the truck!) and we prepare it the morning after.
If you don't have time or are sure of your equipment I can send you the forms by mail and you just fill it out and send it back (it's that simple); the only thing is that if you have part of the equipment that doesn't work, leaks or is broken (I have spare parts and tools but I can't guarantee you a complete equipment in the jungle).
The day of the dive I pick you up between 8 and 9 a.m. according to the plan we agreed on (luckily some hotels do not allow us to pick up directly in the lobby).

In about 45/60 minutes we are already at the dive site; We start with seeing the entrance and the services if they exist (some sites are completely inside the jungle) and we prepare the diving equipment, we make a dectagliato breafing of the diving with objectives, limits and everything that a breafing has to have made to measure .

Depending on the type of dive you chose (a single dive, two dives or a stage dive), we plan a break during which we will enjoy some fruit or a sandwich (I recommend you specify in your reservation if you have allergies or if you want vegan/vegetarian options).

At the end of the day, we go back to reality (that is, where we picked you up in the morning or halfway point if possible).